Elektricity: Fast Start Guide

Elektricity is a place where creators, like you, can share your art with the community and connect with your most passionate fans. If you want to start streaming right away, we’ve got some tips to help you get online and start connecting with your audience in minutes.

Sign Up

First, sign up for an account at lyvebroadcasters.com. Once you’re account has been approved, visit your Settings page to customize your account.

Go Live

There are a few ways to start your first stream:

Log into your account, then tap the Go Live! button to start your first stream.
Allow your device to access your microphone and camera.

We recommend that you set a title for your stream.

That’s it! You are live!

Build Your Community

  • Bring your audience: Make sure to tell friends, fans and social media followers when you’re going live, and encourage them to come join your community.
  • Turn fans to followers: Remember to remind your Elektricity audience to hit the follow button (heart icon). This will notify them whenever you go live.
  • Set a schedule: Streaming consistently will help your fans know when to expect your shows. It’s best to set a schedule a show in advance, and post the dates and times of your upcoming streams to social media.
  • Join in: Elektricity is an interactive experience. Your audience can chat with you during your streams– be sure to read your chat, interact with your fans and give shoutouts to people who follow, subscribe and donate to your stream.

Get Rewarded

As you stream regularly and build your Elektricity audience, Elektricity can help you support your art with additional revenue.

With an Affiliate account, you can earn money for every member that spends money on Elektricity services.

Keep Things Positive

Chat moderation will help you keep your Elektricity community healthy, positive and safe.